Navigating Change Effectively Begins with Clarity

Navigating Change Effectively Begins with Clarity

In business (and life), “Change is the only constant.” It was Greek philosopher Heraclitus of Ephesus who said this more than 2,500 years age. How many times have we heard this reference, or even uttered the words ourselves? Fact is, this sentiment not only still holds true today – the pace of change has only accelerated. From the start of the industrial revolution to the Information age, our world has changed faster in the last 250 years than it ever has before.

Constant change brings and amplifies the equally consistent challenge of adaptation.

Whether the change you face is planned or unplanned, actively adapting to accommodate it begins with two things – clarity regarding exactly what the change is (naming it) and recognition that change is a process – a journey that requires specific tools and levers for the terrain that you will face as you proceed. While we all understand the inevitability of change and the importance of adapting to it, we may not always have the expertise, experience, or bandwidth to do so on our own.

While we all understand the inevitability of change and know the importance of adapting to it, we may not always know how. An experienced Change Consultant can help you to navigate the rough waters of change by helping you and your organization to define, plan, communicate, and embrace it.


One of the most common, yet quite pervasive challenges to navigating change effectively, is a lack of clarity regarding exactly what the change is. Naming it and ensuring that those impacted have that clarity as well is imperative. For example – you may purchase and implement a new technology and, on the surface, simply state that as your change – Implement Technology X. What is actually changing is far more complex.

You are often in fact asking your team to embrace a new mindset, modify processes that they have used for some time and adopt new behaviors that help drive the results and business impacts you seek.

Failure to recognize this complexity can result in messaging that focuses purely on the technology, or the deployment schedule when what you actually need is much more multifaceted engagement activity designed to address the more layered aspects of the real change that drive results.


Naming the change includes ensuring a deep awareness and acceptance of where you are now. It is imperative that your clear starting point reflects acceptance of where you actually are and is not clouded by notions of where you ‘should be’, ‘thought you were’, or ‘expected to be’.

Should cannot be found on a map but qualitative and quantitative analysis of your present position related to the change will help you ensure that X truly does mark the spot of your starting point. Spending time and resources here helps ensure that those impacted by the change are connected, feel a part of it and may be welcomed to help chart the course toward your change.

It is only then – with clarity regarding these two areas can you begin to chart the course to realize the change and the benefits expected. At Conserte, we engage expertise, deep experience, and curiosity to facilitate capturing this very important clarity that shapes your approach to the change you pursue. The above applies for all change in your organization, your team, or within yourself as a leader. Consider a major change you are navigating at this time. How clearly have you defined the dimensions of the change and your exact starting point?

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