Client Perspectives

Clients share perspectives of working with CEO Deirdra Glover and the Conserte Team:

“Deirdra is a strong professional with a passion for problem solving. Her analysis process (at Conserte) is not bound by the constraints of “the box”. (Their) ability to view problems holistically whether the issue is organizational, people, process or change is phenomenal.”

– Bob Lutz | Director at Information Services Group

“Deirdra is an excellent consultant and advisor because she combines strategic perspective with very practical approaches to getting things done. She is an excellent reader of organizational dynamics and the personal issues surrounding change, so she is able to help bring groups through major change very effectively. She is an excellent, thorough communicator and engaging facilitator.”

– Jim Neal | Director of Operations at Friends of Refugees

“Deirdra is a delight, pure and simple. It would be easy to be impressed by the great consulting work (Conserte) delivers for (their) clients and stop there…but you would miss out on understanding Deirdra’s great passion for the arts, her desire to give back to the community and her deep set of interesting experiences.
I am very impressed…”

– Randy Hain | President of Serviam Partners, Executive Coach, Consultant, Author and Speaker