Change Management Consultant

At Conserte, helping our clients successfully drive and sustain transformative change is a cornerstone of the work we do. Our Change & Organizational Effectiveness team has a laser focus on driving realized value for our clients and the projects and initiatives they make a priority.

We engage curiosity, appreciative inquiry, & both strategic and tactical expertise to help our clients drive sustainable, transformative changes within their organizations, their teams, and within themselves as leaders of change. The ideal candidate for this role will be an experienced leader with over 3 years of related work experience as a change practioner and/or consultant.


  • Understand the client’s business to design effective recommendations, processes, programs, and risk mitigation to support successful change adoption
  • Develop and execute change (and associated) plans adapted to the specific client environment and culture
  • Balance  project specific needs that require empowered independent work, active participation as a team member, or project management and leadership of teams of less experienced consultants and/or clients to drive successful project delivery (or some combination of the three)
  • Work in multiple disciplines across industries and build client knowledge and credibility quickly (projects vary in length, lasting anywhere from a few weeks to several months)
  • Develop and facilitate readiness assessments, evaluate results, and present findings in a logical, engaging, and easy-to-understand way
  • Drive and support the execution of plans by employee-facing managers and business leaders managing via influence as needed
  • Create and manage measurement systems to track adoption, utilization, and proficiency of individual changes
  • Identify resistance and performance gaps, and work to develop and implement mitigation strategies
  • Work with project teams to integrate change management activities into overall project plans and activity
  • Work with specialists and executives to develop specific plans needed to support the broader change strategy and plans


  • 3+ years of change management experience (this can include; process, and communication focus)
  • Training in a formal change management methodology including: project definition, process measurement, analysis, and implementation (including benefits-realization)
  • Strong leadership skills, including a history of increasing leadership responsibility and career growth in process improvement
  • A history of informal coaching and/or teaching others to use change management methodologies
  • Exceptional communication skills with audiences of all levels
  • Ability to apply a structured change leadership approach and methodology for the change sponsors and leaders
  • Ability to develop a change leadership strategy based on a situational awareness of changes and the groups impacted
  • Ability to identify potential stakeholder and overall change risks and anticipated points of resistance, and develop specific plans to mitigate or address concerns
  • Ability to develop a set of actionable and targeted change leadership plans, including a communication plan, sponsor roadmap, coaching plan, training plan, and resistance management plan
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